The Favourite's Yorgos Lanthimos Directing Crime Film Pop 1280

The Favourite’s Yargos Lanthimos will direct the crime film Pop. 1280. Nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director at this year’s Academy Awards, The Favourite has, to date, been a rousing success, focusing on England’s Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) as she develops a fondness for her new servant (Emma Stone), much to the displeasure of her close confidant, Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz).

Lanthimos has been one of cinema’s most critically acclaimed filmmakers for some time now, with his highly creative and surreal vision making him a film festival awards favorite, starting with 2009’s Dogtooth. Since then, he’s found himself on something of a roll, with numerous awards and accolades for The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and most recently, The Favourite. By far his most well-received film to date, The Favourite has already won 7 BAFTA Awards in the lead up to his potentially enormous Oscar run. Now, he's already got his follow-up film planned.

With a success rate as impressive as what he’s experienced to date, exactly what Lanthimos’ next project will be has been of substantial interest to many. Now, according to Deadline, it's been revealed that his next film will be an adaptation of crime author Jim Thompson’s novel Pop.1280. Unlike The Favourite, which saw Lanthimos relinquish scripting duties to Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara, Pop.1280 will be written and directed by the acclaimed filmmaker.

Published in 1964, Thompson’s Pop.1280 deals with a small town sheriff by the name of Nick Corey whose friendly demeanor is the perfect cover for the cunning psychopath that he truly is. Through his murderous and manipulative ways, Corey rules the town of Pottsville, Potts County and its population of 1,280. The novel has been well received in the years since its release, with some critics labeling it Thompson’s masterpiece. Many of Thompson’s other novels have been adapted by a handful of big name filmmakers as well, including Sam Peckinpah, Michael Winterbottom, Stanley Kubrick, and Stephen Frears. Lanthimos’ adaptation won’t be the first time that Pop.1280has been brought to the big screen, either. French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier adapted the novel in 1981 for the French language Coup de Torchon, which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1983 Academy Awards.

It’s often the case with some filmmakers that once the awards and accolades pile up, their work becomes more palatable and commercial. Lanthimos, however, truly performs like a filmmaker whose creativity and willingness to push the envelope can’t be diluted. His artistry is that rare mixture of uncompromising vision and talent that is able to lure in big name stars as well as audiences who may not typically be intrigued by films that are often labeled as "art house." Given the plot and subject matter of Pop.1280, it could be that Lanthimos has already found his next highly engaging awards contender.

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