Ryan Reynolds Sent The Coolest Gift To The Guy Who Redirected Endgame Domains To Deadpool

Since Ryan Reynolds first suited-up as Deadpool, he has become somewhat one-and-the-same with the Merc with a Mouth. Twitter tends to be his primary outlet -- as with his ongoing Hugh Jackman troll.

It's quite clever (or suspect) that @AGuyInChair could make a confident guess about the title of the fourth Avengers film that we've been theorizing about for months. The announcement that its title would be Avengers: Endgame came with the release of the first trailer for the highly-anticipated MCU movie last week. The Endgame trailer became the most viewed trailer within 24 hours in history, knocking the previous record breaker Avengers: Infinity War from staying at No. 1.

Marvel's decision to conceal the title for Endgame for so long was just to focus on the release of Infinity War, per Marvel President Kevin Feige. That decision backfired as it created even more speculation over the past eight months about what it could be. Endgame as a title makes sense, since it was uttered by Doctor Strange in Infinity War after seeing the future of the universe played out.
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